General Warehousing

AL Talib shipping handle storage and distribution services for leading companies in the UAE and worldwide. Further, we have customers who are international branded companies looking for importing bulk cargo to the UAE and re-exporting within the UAE and Middle East /Africa as per market requirements.

Store ready orders are consolidated at our warehouse. Products are picked and packed in accordance with store requirements, palletized and stretch wrapped before loading into containers. Apart from the simple cargo consolidation programs, all the other programs can be designed to allow un-loading at the destination and the distribution centers with arrangements for cross dock delivery or direct distribution to retail stores.

De-Consolidation & Trans-loading:- Distribution decisions closer to demand reduce facility costs when you use our De-Consolidation service. Expedite delay in transit or trans-load improves shipments to reduce inland transport costs or distribute to multiple final destinations. Our facility provides low cost, highly flexible de consolidation, domestic and regional consolidation services.